Saturday, August 29

More winter blues

I’ve dashed across the Tasman Sea for a couple of quick days with my parents. Australia’s sublime winter weather has followed me. We’ve had a wonderful day of sunshine and blue sky in Mount Manganui today, reaching a high of 20C. However, Mum keeps telling me I cannot call this place a beach resort. I’m not sure I can agree. This morning Dad and I wandered down to the beach to feed the seagulls. The photo above is the scene that greeted us - an empty beach patrolled by a lone gull.

This afternoon we went to the hospital to have Dad’s mobile chemotherapy tube removed. This is his second round of monthly treatment. It’s made him rather tired each day, but otherwise the side-effects have been minimal. Mum and I then set off for a late-afternoon walk around the Mount. As always, the view was breath-taking, with craggy Pōhutukawa trees framing an impossibly iridescent blue ocean backed by an equally blue sky. Sorry Mum. You’re living in a seaside resort.


LLC said...

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Bev said...

When I look at the photos - yes it is a sea side resort and we are very lucky to live here and enjoy the views of the sea and various activities that are always taking place every time we leave the house