Saturday, September 26

What's on your mind?

Wordle is fun software application that you can use to generate word clouds. These are simply images created from words entered into the software. The more popular a word, the larger it'll appear in the final cloud. While its all good fun, it does hint at what's really on your mind, or the real messages in otherwise harmless text. Here you can see the current home page for The Swiss Cottage. I'm clearly talking about Garry as much as do I about Australia and London. Our travel adventures also rank well. However, it's "next year" that's becoming a big theme. This makes sense. Our work permits end late-2010 ans so we have plenty to consider.

I then ran the first six months of this blog through Wordle to see what trends were dominant in 2006. As you'd expect, words like, "new", "first time" and "London" featured regularly. Garry also gets a big mention. When you read these old posts you see how busy he was getting our new UK home set up, while also looking for work. Travel related words were also not particularly common back then. With Garry out of work we'd yet to establish a pattern of weekend excursions in Europe.


rhonda said...

My twist on it : This TIME NEXT YEAR, GARRY and I will be wondering if this will be our LAST AUTUMN here, FINALLY FLYING HOME to FAMILY and good WEATHER or PERHAPS STAYING in the UK, SPENDING another year in LONDON, hoping to save a BILLION !!!!

Matt said...

Love the wordle. I bet you were glad to see Garry's name come up prominently or you could have had an uncomfortable nights sleep!