Thursday, January 7

Not so bad; yet

A few pictures from today's snowfall. It's proved to be not as dramatic in London as last night's forecast predicted. We woke to less than 3cms of snow on the ground at Swiss Cottage. More snow fell later in the day and so we returned home to another 3cms on the ground. You see the impact on our poor car below. It's certainly not as deep as the snow we had last February, but is definitely colder. Temperatures are forecast to rise no higher than 0°C for the next five days and we're being told to prepare for an entire weekend of fresh snow. The lowest temperature recorded so far during the current freeze is -18C; near Aberdeen in Scotland last week. The lowest ever in the UK is -27C.

Elsewhere in Britain snow has been falling continually with some locations reporting up to 48cms of cover now on the ground. As expected it's caused all manner of traffic chaos including a morning rush hour queue in Northumberland that stretched 50-miles. Yes, you read that correctly - 50-miles - or 80kms for metric readers. I've also read that no fewer than 10,000 schools closed this week, or delayed the return of pupils from their Christmas break.

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