Monday, June 28

The side affects of Summer

Summer is here! Last night the portable air-conditioning unit was switched on in the bedroom for the first time this season. We enjoyed temperature over the week approaching 30°C which slowly heated the top floor of our apartment (which is also the roof of our building) to an uncomfortable level.

For more than a week now we've been enjoying sunny, blue skies and temperatures in the high twenties. Today's high is predicted to reach a very pleasant 28°C, with more on the way for the rest of the week. In many parts of the nation this month has already become one of the driest June months on record.

Of course, the warm weather has its side affects, not withstanding the need to activate our air-conditioning unit. Since the start of the month the tube has become unbareably sweaty. I find myself glowing and dripping every time I walk into the office. The outdoor crowds have also become rather mind-blowing. A short stroll through any popular location involves weaving through a crush of pedestrians.

Garry and I ventured into Oxford Street on Saturday to check out the early Summer sales now popping up everywhere. It's seems that the warm weather encouraged everyone to do the same. The photo above was taken on the street mid-afternoon when the crowds were at their worst. Oxford Street was literally a sea of people as far as the eye could see.

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rhonda said...

I can see by the bags that your shopping trip was successful !!
We've had minus degrees each morning this week. It's been freezing.