Thursday, December 2

Winter on our doorstep

As we enter our final ten days in London the weather is giving us a truly magnificant send-off. For three days now we've woken to the sight of fresh snow dusting everything in sight. Above is the scene that greeted us this morning. It looks genuinely like Winter outside now and our street has been transformed into a scene from Mary Poppins. While I'm no fan of the cold and wind, its been the perfect way to finish our time in London. I doubt we'll ever see snow smoothering the back yard again.

London has all but ground to halt over the last 48 hours as the snow choas descending on Britain finally reached our doorstep. I'm now slightly nervous about our moving plans going awry next week. I have visons of our removal men getting stuck in traffic on the M25 as happened to motorists for 24 hours yesterday. Or worse, having them arrive at the house and refusing to load the truck because of icy pavements or because some daft health and safety law won't let them work outdoors if there's snow in the air.

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