Sunday, December 4

'Tis the season

The festive season is upon us. Our Christmas tree went up today as we countdown the final three weeks to Christmas. Trimming the tree bought back plenty of memories. I discovered box after box of ornaments that I'd forgotten we'd bought while in the UK. The final results looks stunning.

We also have a friend visiting from London over the Christmas/New Year period.  Martin's been asking to see the city's famous New Year's Eve fireworks up close and personal. It's been some time since we last witness the annual spectacle up close so we're keen to grant to his wish.  However, almost a million people line the shores of the harbour every year making for an unpleasant crowd-crushing experience. 

Photo © Ilya Genkin

As a result, Garry and I have spent a week searching the web for less gruelling options. The fireworks watching events on offer are impressive; from private yacht in the harbour, a gala dinner at the Opera House (only $900 a head), an outdoor picnic in the grounds of the Botanic Gardens (much cheaper at $325) and a ten-course degustation menu in a five-star hotel (an eye-watering $1,000 per person).  After hours of searching we think we've found the perfect solution at a reasonable price.

With a little luck we'll be standing on the bridge-facing forecourt of the Opera House, with a spectacular ring-side view of the fireworks.  I called the venue last night and was told they still had tickets available, at a reasonable price.  Best of all, we'll have some shelter if the current bout of rain persists into the New Year.  Stay tuned for some spectacular photos!

UPDATE:  December 5
Hooray! Our tickets have been confirmed for the Opera House forecourt.

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