Tuesday, August 28

2,250 miles later

We've made it! After a sun-soaked morning in Astoria, we've completed a four-hour coastal drive into Seattle. This is the final destination of our West Coast USA road trip. After travelling almost 2,250 miles we're now camped out at the Four Points hotel a few blocks north of Seattle's famous Space Needle. The photo above shows the view from our room.

We chose this hotel in part of its central location and in part because we could cash in some loyalty points and stay for free. Inevitably, based so close to the Space Needle, we couldn't resist an urge to walk the ten minutes it took to reach the tower's ticket booth.

From the tower's observation deck, perched 520 feet above the street, we spent a relaxing hour watching the sun's final rays fade over Seattle, followed by the first of the city's evening lights. Even the ferries crossing Pugent Sound took on a rather romantic quality in the rose-tinted light.

We have 2.5 days remaining in Seattle. Stay tuned for photos as we begin exploring our final city stop.

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• Location:Mercer St,Seattle,United States

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