Sunday, August 19

Balcony by Napa

Ink House Inn, St Helena, is our current location; or to be precise, the shaded southern balcony overlooking lush grape-laden vines. This graceful Victorian home, built in 1884, is our base for two lazy days in the Napa Valley. According to the welcome blurb in our room the house was built from old growth redwood and has featured in a Elvis movie (which one we're not told).


We've spent much of today relaxing in cane chairs on the balcony, soaking up the morning sun, then sheltering in the afternoon as the temperature rose above 27C. We briefly interrupted balcony time for a delicious late lunch at a local favourite, Bottega.

This is a modern Italian restuarant serving its own home-made pasta among other delights. Our meal was delicious!  We also got to watch the chef preparing fresh Ravioli afterwards. On the way home we stopped in at another Napa favourite of mine, Alpha Omega, for a complimentary wine tasting and two bottles of its 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon.

We're now enjoying one of these bottles on the balcony with some crusty bread, cheeses and cold meats. Imagine this scene.  As the sun set over a small field of vines, the local wine train is rumbling past, briefly disturbing us from our red wine and recreational reading. Yes, we are r-eee-laxed.

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