Thursday, August 23

The Oregon Coast

We've finally left the state of California. Shortly after 3pm today we crossed into Oregon as our USA West Coast road trip slowly makes its way north. We stopped overnight in a sleepy coastal town called Gold Beach. It's the sort of town where deer cross the main street at will to graze on shrubs planted by the local bank's front door.

Yes, this really happens. As we sat for dinner in a tiny bistro opposite the bank we witnessed a deer trot across the nearby pedestrian crossing and into the bank's parking lot.


This experience capped off a remarkable day of natural wonders. Our first highlight came as we ventured up Cal Barrel Road in the Redwood State Forest north of Eureka. This winding one lane road took us deep into the heart of a forest filled with mature age trees. Being quietly enveloped by these soaring red giants was truly magical.

We stopped for photos by one enormous specimen that simply overwhelmed us. To give things a sense of scale, we stood with our arms out-stretched far enough apart such that only our finger tips touched. The diameter of the tree exceeded this span by almost another set of outstretched arms. It also seemed to soar impossibly skyward. We suspect that it and many of its surrounding companions were easily more than 300 feet tall.


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