Friday, September 21

The Big Apple

Mum and Dad have enjoyed a wonderful, but exhausting, day in New York. We taken a horse and carriage through Central Park; soaked up the colour and lights of Times Square; rode the New York subway; stood on the roof of the Rockefeller Centre, 70 floors above the streets of New York; and then finished the day with a show on Broadway!

Evita was a real hit with my parents.  Dad could not believe the quality of the choreography.  Ricky Martin was fabulous, receiving most of the audience's accolade during the final curtain call. I felt for the female lead given that she was playing the musical's namesake role.

It's been a incredible day of memories. Mum even met Spongebob Square Pants wandering through Times Square. Dad cannot believe he's finally seen the Big Apple with his own eyes.  Both are simply awe struck by the colour, sights and sounds of Times Square, having now seen it by day and by night.

We spent an hour touring Central Park by horse-drawn carriage.  I arranged with our driver to stop several times so that we could explore some of the park's more famous landmarks.  We visited the Mall lined with statues of famous literary figures, Bethsheba's Terrace that overlooks the boat lake and finally the Lennon memorial located at the park entrance closest to John Lennon's apartment.  the crowd that's always gathered there never fails to amaze me.

Our hotel, the Casablanca on West 43rd Street has also turned out to be a real winner.  It's located less than 100 metres from the heart of Times Square, far closer than I'd imagined.  It's one of those rare travel gems where the facilities and amenities have proved better in real life than the photos and descriptions on its website.

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