Sunday, January 6

Farewell Dad

My Father has lost his long battle with cancer. He was admitted for acute care at Althorp Private Hospital just over a month ago. At the time we hoped to bring him home on Christmas Day for a final family reunion.  However, this wasn't to be. As December 25 approached it became increasing clear that the end was near.  His doctor cautioned that Dad was unlikely to see in the New Year. 

However, my father had other thoughts. He went on to survive a week longer than expected before finally slipping away in the early hours of this morning. For seven days the family maintained an often heart-breaking 24-hour vigil by his bedside. Thankfully, despite some harrowing moments, his passing was ultimately peaceful. He died quietly in his sleep. In an odd way these last few weeks became a special time for the family as Dad's final act brought us closer together. As we quietly tended to his needs  bonds were strengthened and  his humble legacy progressively honoured.

Regular blog readers will recall that I enjoyed some wonderful adventures with Dad during his final year. We took time out to tour many of the countries sitting on his bucket list including China, Canada and New York City. It was gratifying to share my favourite tourist experiences with him, seeing his face light up at special moments. I'll always remember his incredulous smile after seeing the Terracotta Warriors and Pandas at Beijing Zoo, as well as his delightful, unexpected burst of energy while strolling around the Statue of Liberty.

Thank you Dad for the precious gift of life. Thank you for the sacrifices you made as the years passed; always ensuring we never wanted for anything. Even in his final weeks during a brief lucid moment  Dad paused to ask if I had enough money to live.  Once reassured, he gave a satifying sigh, then slipped back into his morphine haze. That was my Dad.  Thinking of his family to the very end.

Here's to a life well lived. Farewell Dad.


Anonymous said...

A beautiful tribute. My love to you all, Viv Holt (Crompton)

Swatch said...

Thanks Viv. I appreciate you taking the time to share these lovely comments. It's all very sad. Hamish was at Dad's side during his final moments.