Friday, January 18

Help, help! I'm melting!

Sydney has endured its hottest day on record today.  The mercury hit 45.8 degrees in the city at 2:55pm, while temperatures at the airport soared to a staggering 46.4 degrees.  Our apartment sits mid way between these two locations.  It would be safe to say we probably sweltered through temperatures of at least 46 degrees on our apartment balcony. 

Sydney's previous high of 45.3 degrees was recorded in January 1939 at Observatory Hill.  It's hard to believe this record was broken by at least half a degree.  The heat was incredibly intense at its peak.  Although, as early as 9:00am this morning, the heat pouring through our east-facing windows already proved unbearable.  We eventually closed the blinds and cranked up the air-conditioning.

Some of our plants on the balcony are looking decidedly unhappy.  The sunward facing leaves have dried up and many others are looking a droopy despite an emergency burst of water from the garden irrigation system. However, the washing dried in record time.  We reckon it was probably faster than the dryer we normally use.

It also comes as no surprise to learn that electricity consumption hit an all time high this afternoon.  No doubt every serviceable air conditioner in the city was cranked up to high today as temperatures soared.

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