Tuesday, January 8

How to ruin a perfectly awful day

Disaster! The funeral director just called us to confess he's double-booked the venue arranged for Dad's funeral.  It appears a memorial service has been scheduled for Friday afternoon; an event booked more than three months ago.We're now scrambling to let people know the service is happening a day later.
Poor Mum really didn't need the added stress. We intentionally pre-arranged many funeral details more than a month ago so that the period immeidately after Dad's passing would be relatively calm. The funeral director initially proposed a change of venue, then a change of date and finally an alternative celebrant when our preferred person was unavailable for the alternative date and time we proposed. 
I think the funeral director already regrets that he's had to deal with me.  I made it clear his mistake had really upset the family.  Mum hates that we've had to shift the funeral to a morning slot. I've told the funeral director to substaintially improve the catering at his expense now that our service it likely to finish at lunch time.  He initially protested, telling me he was already spending $450 of own money to republish newspaper death notices. 
I made it clear that I didn't appreciate being told the cost to republish notices at his expense was a form of compensation. I'm not sure how fixing an error he'd always have to correct somehow compensates Mum for the additional angish caused.  It seems that my Dad's legacy continues to unfold.

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