Monday, March 29

An ordinary week

It’s been a rather ordinary week; a rather mundane time of long working hours and regular household chores. Our car is back from the repair yard. It looks as good as new. Outside Spring is finally making its mark; a month later than usual. The daffodils in full in our yard (although we’ve noted numerous stems yet to bloom further down the street) and the first blossoms have finally appeared in the back yard. Last night the clocks also went forward an hour, heralding the start of British Summer Time. Garry and I both noted how light it was at 7.00pm this evening. We’re finally eating dinner in daylight again.

Temperatures have also been milder. Today’s high reached 13.3°C. However, another cold spell is forecast in the run up to Easter. Wednesday’s high is predicted to drop to a chilly 7°C, with overnight lows of 1°C. This will be ideal training for our Easter vacation in Stockholm. The daily temperature isn’t forecast to rise above 6°C while we’re there with overnight lows dropping to -1°C. Weather at the Ice Hotel will be even colder, with daily highs of 0°C. I read this morning that the temperature inside the hotel will be -5°C.

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