Wednesday, August 1

Orlando transit stop

As I type Garry and I are sitting in comfortable cane armchairs at Orlando airport. We're waiting to board our connecting flights to New Orleans. The weather is less than sunny this evening. About 2:00pm a tremendous thunderstorm came through the area dumping the most amazing volume of rain. The weather never let up again.

At the time we were strapped into a wild water ride at Universal Studios theme park. There was little we could do except sit back and get completely soaked - both by the ride and the torrential downpour overhead. Needless to say, we finish the ride as wet as its possible to get without swimming. I'm now trying to dry out my mobile phone in the hope that it will still work. Fortunately my digital camera seems to have survived OK.

Our time in Orlando has been terrific. We've had a total muck around period, playing mini-golf, doing theme park rides, movies and shopping until our arms failed under the weight of yet another bag. We've also seen the Space Shuttle on the pad and ready to go. More from the Deep South shortly!

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