Wednesday, November 7

Solving life's little mysteries

Every so often I discover the answer to some of life’s more vexing questions. For example, how do you obtain a permit to busk at London’s Underground stations? Since 2001 buskers have been legally allowed perform at 22 central London stations by booking one of 33 designated sites. At last count more than 356 buskers provided commuters with 3,000 hours of entertainment each week. How do they get their lucky break?

My question was answered by a story in today's paper. Budding musicians and street entertainers must submit an application, then pass a police background check. Screened applicants are welcome to attend auditions held on a disused platform at Charing Cross station. A panel of judges reviews each performer, granting two-hour slots to those passing muster. Each slot is highly coveted as the panel convenes only twice a year. The next audition will happen in March next year. I can't see myself giving up my day job just yet.

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