Monday, June 18

Tons of Turkey


I've finally populated the blog with back-dated posts capturing all of our recent adventures in Turkey. I've kicked of the first of these posts with highlights from our visit to Pamukkale. The Cotton Castles were truly a sight to behold. My second post captures the moment history came to life for me at ANZAC cove, followed by a post on Troy and Pergamum, as well as our day in Ephesus.

I've then added a new post about our first day in Istanbul, the local markets and highlights from a cruise along the Bosphorus Straits on our final day in town. Finally, you can read about our private full day tour of Istanbul that took place after returning rom Pamukkale. The city continued to surprise us despite experiencing so much mind-boggling history all week.


Rhonda said...

Hi Andrew, What a fabulous trip you must have had and thanks for all the great photos and information. How wonderful, and sad, to actually be in Anzac Cove, I'm sure it brought the realities of war to life.

Michele said...

Hi Andrew, Love hearing of all your adventures. In one of your posts you mentioned a trip to the States inc. going to New Orleans. When is that?? Dave and I are in Lafayette Lousiana, only a few hours from N.O - would love to catch up with you both if possible. My email is