Saturday, August 8

Worth your weight in gold?

I’m worth a few thousand shy of A$2 million – at least I would be if I were made of pure gold. This marvellous piece of trivia comes courtesy of the Perth Mint which Garry and I visited on our last full day in Perth. Other highlights of our visit included watching a genuine gold ingot being poured from a searing furnace. It was fascinating to see glowing molten metal go from 1500C to a shiny and solid, room-temperature bar in a matter of minutes. We also had a chance to handle a gold bar ourselves – albeit encased in a sturdy security box, locked deep within a secure vault.

The rest of our day was spent leisurely cruising down the Swan River to Freemantle. Despite the winter season, the trip was remarkably pleasant. We sat by the window, soaking up the blue sky and sunshine as sailboats and playful dolphins passed by. Freemantle itself was equally pleasant. We spent a quiet afternoon wandering the foreshore and streets clad in little more than jeans and a rugby jersey. We even stopped to enjoy an alfresco lunch at a local fish and chip shop. Garry went for the classic Hake while I feasted on the freshest of Whiting fillets. Australian winters are a far cry from those in Europe.

While in Perth we also enjoyed several other memorable meals. Our first evening was spent at Frasers, a classy restaurant located in Kings Park. The venue offered stunning views of the city’s night skyline as we dined. The following evening we settled for a simpler affair, dining at the Governer’s Hotel located a block from our hotel. The pub itself is a heritage-listed building. Garry went for the steak main, while I tucked into the most divine kangaroo fillets I’ve possibly ever tasted.

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Bev said...

We enjoyed Perth too which has it's own special atmosphere - just a shame it is so far from the rest of Australia.