Tuesday, December 14

Minus Eight

We're coming to the end of two relaxing days in icy cold Vienna. The current temperature outside is a nippy -8C, with the mercury on its way down to at least minus ten. Today we both broke out our thermal undergarments and went on a shopping excursion to find me a warmer hat. We eventually found a cosy rabbit fur-lined woollen cap with giant earflaps that did the trick. Despite the arctic conditions, we ejoyed two days of regular sunshine and blue skies.

On Saturday evening we joined the crushing throng swarming through Vienna's famous Rathaus Christkindlmarkt. It's clearly a popular destination as we watched one bus tour after another pull up and disgorge more eager punters. A quick number plates poll showed buses from Hungry, Poland and the Czech Republic, along with plenty of Austria vehicles.

The Rathaus was a splendid sight decked out in Christmas lights from the foundations to its tallest gothic tower. The market stalls themselves were packed with all manner of seasonal delights; glass and tinsel baubles, miniture wooden houses and crafts I've simply never seen before. We also followed my brother's counsel and raided every food stall in sight sampling the apple strudel, apple besiel, kase krainer wurst and gingerbread. I've become very fluent in German for the purpose of ordering Kase Krainer.

More on our Vienna adventures tomorrow. We have a three-hour train journey to Salzburg during which I hope to pass the time completing a couple of blog posts. Stay tuned!

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