Friday, December 23

Bananas for everyone

The Summer solstice has come and gone. The longest day of the year was marked by rain, and plenty of it. The regular bouts of wet weather have been a boon for our garden. Everything is looking lush, healthy and growing like crazy. I cannot recall a time when our balcony foliage looked better.

The wet weather has also had a surprising impact on the price of fresh fruit and vegetables. Prices for most produce is well below those reported for the same period last year. It seems that the cooler, damp conditions have reduced demand for many traditional Summer fruits and vegetables. As a result, supermarkets had been purchasing only half the quantity of product at the wholesale markets, leaving the rest to sell at heavily discounted prices. Bargains abound. For example, you can buy twice as many mangoes this year compared with last Summer.

The price of bananas has also plunged in recent weeks as new crops mature following the havoc wreaked by Cyclone Yasi in February. In the wake of this disaster, the price of bananas soared, peaking around $15.00 per kilo in June. This month prices have plunged below $2.00. Bananas are once again making a weekly appearance in our fridge.

Finally, as we finalise preparations for Christmas Day, the weather bureau has confirmed that weather on the day will be dry with regular bouts of sunshine.

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