Monday, December 31

Luxury in Dubai

Garry and I have finished seven wonderful days in Dubai. Our adventure began with an unexpected upgrade to First Class courtesy of British Airways. Upon arrival in Dubai we discovered that our hotel, the Radisson SAS, had arranged a complimentary airport transfer, making the final leg of our journey quick and stress-free. The hotel was equally wonderful.

We’d booked a special discount offer online and naturally wondered what we might find. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that our hotel opened three decades ago as Dubai’s first five-star hotel. While the décor is now dated and the hotel is no longer a five-star venue, the service remained impeccable and our room was well appointed. In fact, much to our delight our room offered a sweeping, unobstructed view of Dubai’s bustling creek.

During our stay we also had access to the Club Lounge on the top floor of the building. It offered stunning views across the entire city. Each morning the lounge served an extensive complimentary buffet breakfast, while each evening a range of complimentary cocktails and canapés were offered. As you might expect, we spent many hours soaking up the view. I can’t recall a more relaxing holiday location, or one offering such outstanding value.

Our hotel also contained a dozen different restaurants including two Japanese venues, a Thai noodle bar, an English Pub, Persian restaurant and a wonderful supper lounge offering the most exquisite steaks and char-grilled vegetables. Needless to say Garry and I did not lose weight over Christmas!

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