Monday, April 12

Friends and family

Swiss Cottage blossom in full bloom

We drove down to Woking last night for dinner with Garry’s Australian boss (or is that his boss’ boss?). Jane is currently home alone while her husband and children are on holiday, visiting family and friends Down Under. The three of us went for dinner at a local Japanese restaurant, Oisi. The name is an English language twist on the Japanese word for delicious. Since opening ten months ago, it’s been getting rave reviews. The praise is well earned. We enjoyed some of the most heavenly Goyza dumplings I’ve ever tasted. The restaurant even had Takoyaki (baby octopus dumplings) on its menu, a dish I’ve rarely seen outside of Japan.

After one warm Sake too many we decided to stay overnight. This morning we took advantage of our proximity to Fernhurst and drove over to see my extended family. My cousin Hilary, her husband David, and my Aunt Shirley were all at home. We sat in the garden for more than hour enjoying an afternoon coffee while soaking up the Spring sunshine. It was wonderful to be outdoors again in the UK.

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