Saturday, April 3

Stockholm Spring

Garry and I have arrived in Stockholm for Easter. We've been blessed with cool but sunny Spring weather for the next three days. Our first day has been spent leisurely wandering the narrow, bustling streets of Gamla Stan, Stockholm's old town district. The streets were filled with locals clearly enjoying the first days of Spring.

Garry and I stopped for lunch at old warehouse building, dining on Moose and meatballs made from game meat. The meal was delicious and we can now add Moose to our list of tested and approved local dishes.

Other off-beat attractions that captured our attention today include watching large ice flows making their way down the city's many canals. The Spring thaw is clearly underway upstream resulting in a mesmerising flotilla of ice sweeping by the city's numerous waterfront parks. We were particularly bemused by a lone swan calmly preening itself while standing on one flow as the current carried it along.

We've booked ourselves on a Sunday brunch cruise touring the Stockholm archipelago for three scenic hours. However, first up is the world famous Vasa Museum tomorrow. Watch for more photos soon (PS: image opening this post was taken from our hotel room where the city's town hall dominates the view).

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