Thursday, June 17

Out for the weekend

Garry and I have a couple of weekend excursions scheduled over the next three weeks. On Friday evening we're off to an unnamed European location (it's a surprise I've organised for Garry). All I say is that it'll be considerably warmer at our mystery destination than London is forecast to be on Saturday. The Met Office is expecting a high of 16°C here, while our holiday city will be a cozy 25°C, rising to 27°C on Sunday.

We'll then be off to Copenhagen for a weekend at the start of July. This is holiday we'd originally booked for May but rescheduled after rolling strikes plagued British Airways. We booked this weekend away using a discount voucher the airline gave me in February, thus enabling Garry to complete his tour of the Nordics. We've previously visited Helsinki, Stockholm (plus the Arctic Circle) and Oslo. I guess there are some perks to living in London after all!

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