Saturday, July 31

Alaska glides by

Every hour our cruise ship passes yet another picture perfect landscape. With two days of cruising already under our belt I’ve already amassed enough postcard images to warrant their own blog post. Enjoy! The last image? That’s for Rhonda. Garry thought you’d appreciate the scenery we enjoyed at afternoon tea today.

The crew also ran a trivia quiz as we devoured one too many cakes and scones this afternoon. Incredibly Garry and I won today’s competition, scoring an impressive 11 out of 15 correct answers. Our proudest correct answer was a lucky guess at the age Marilyn Munro would have been were she still alive today (84 if you’re wondering). We now have vouchers we can redeem at the onboard gift shop for a souvenir baseball cap or similar.


Rhonda said...

YUM !!!

Rhonda said...

Seriously though, what a sensational trip! Your photos are truly magical. Love the bears. Keep up the good work and enjoy.