Saturday, July 17

Holiday reading

I've decided to head off on vacation next weekend armed with a pile of paperbacks. We'll be sitting on a cruise boat for eight days so it seemed appropriate to stock up with some light-hearted reading. This year's party pack includes:
  • A couple of Christopher Brookmyre novels; A Snowball in Hell and Pandemonium. This Scottish author writes regular installments on the adventures of an investigative journalist and his eclectic associates. They inevitably find themselves in hot water, chasing terrorists and dodging bullets. I discovered him years ago at an airport bookstall in New Zealand.

  • Three Bill Bryson non-fiction books; At Home, Troublesome Words and Icons of England. At Home sounds particularly interesting. Bryson's passion for trivia sees him weave a fascinating history of inventions and customs which make up everyday home life.

  • A standard chick-lit novel by Irish author, Marian Keyes; The Brightest Star in the Sky. As is her style at least one leading character will be an alcoholic, while someone else has has an epiphany over popcorn and B-grade rental movies.

  • Eating the Big Fish, a treatise on the secrets of companies who've built successful challenger brands (such as the classic"Avis. We try harder." marketing strategy that's become immortalised by almost every reputable MBA course). It's my token business reading research for the Summer.
Seven days to go and we'll be off to Heathrow.

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