Saturday, September 25

The English Patient

After nine days at Royal Free Hampstead hospital Garry's finally been discharged. Half of his surgery staples have been removed and the scar is healing well. He's now back at home camped out on the sofa surrounded by plenty of creature comforts. As a result, my twice daily jaunts up the nearby hill to see Garry have been transformed into an equally active home help service.

I'm trying not to think about how we'd be checking into a hotel in Southern France right about now had life not thrown us a curve-ball. However, Garry's in one piece (minus a small segment) and that's ultimately what counts.

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rhonda said...

I'm sure you are doing a great job and as we all know good home help doesn't come cheap so I hope Garry can afford it at the end of the day. Shame about the trip to France, hope you can reschedule before you leave.