Friday, October 8

High speed chocolate excursion

Garry continues to make steady progress. He started working from home today, exactly three weeks after his surgery. At this rate our weekend in Bruges should proceed as orginally as scheduled. We booked a cheap Eurostar weekend excursion several months ago, expecting mid-October to be relatively quiet. Bruges has been on our list of places to visit from the moment we first got wind of its picturesque canals and medieval buildings.

The wealth that built Bruges originally came from a prosperous wool market and affiliated weaving industry. At its height it was considered to be the world’s preeminent commerce centre; the New York of its time. For example it was operating a trading exchange called the Bourse (often described as the world’s first stock exchange) as early as 1309. These days Bruges is better known as the chocolate capital of Europe. It holds an annual chocolate festival and is home to a popular chocolate museum.

It’s also become a lot more accessible from London since Eurostar trains began running into St Pancreas Station, just 15 minutes from our front door. Once on board the train takes less than two hours to reach Brussels where a cross platform change soon has you on a local train to Bruges. We do the entire journey door to door in little more than 3.5 hours.

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