Sunday, October 10

Only 61 days remain

The countdown to our departure from the UK reached another milestone today. Exactly 61 days, or two months, remain until we cease to be European residents. Final preparations for our relocation back to Australia are now in full swing. We've interviewed five different removal companies over the last month and will chose one this week. I've formally notified our landlord that we won't be renewing our lease at Swiss Cottage. Garry has begun rummaging through our worldly possessions and identifyng things to discard. Every supermarket trip now involves debate about whether a particular grocery item will be depleted before we leave. In the weeks ahead there are utilities and subscriptions to cancel, bank accounts to consolidate and minor repairs to complete.

Our UK adventures also reached another milestone last week. On October 8 we celebrated the fifth anniversary of our original departure from Sydney, Australia that kicked off our ex-pat adventures. Half a decade on that emotional airport farewell has become a distant memory. Thank goodness for this blog. As I read through the earliest postings I'nm reminded about all manner of special moments. We're scheduled to arrive back at Kingsford Smith International airport on January 15, 2011; five years, three months and five days after our European adventure first began.


Viv said...

Andrew, I sincerely hope that you contine to blog when you return from Europe. I have really enjoyed the past 5 years worth. Viv Holt (Crompton)

Swatch said...

Gosh Viv! I didn't realise you were still reading my posts. I'm glad you've enjoyed them. However,I'm not so life will be nearly as entertaining once we're back in Australia. I may restrict myself to posts about any future travel adventures.

viv said...

Oh well, if you're not travelling so much, perhaps you could organise some more television appearances. That was a cack!