Tuesday, November 30

Scottish envy

We were promised "up to five centimetres" of snow overnight. However, we've woken to barely one centimetre and largely snow-free roads and footpaths. It seems a little unfair that Scotland gets inundated this week with more than 20 centimetres of snow while we get little more than a light dusting. All is not lost as the Met Office is promising at least six hours of heavy snow starting from 8am this morning. The flurries have definitely started garthering pace outside in the last 15 minutes so we may yet receive a hearty winter covering.

I've also noticed that tomorrow's high will be -2°C, while the overnight temperature on Thursday will drop to -4°C. I've never seen so many minus signs in a London weather forecast! Given that the first official day of winter starts tomorrow I'd say the weather is clearly playing its part. I also love the idea of finishing our London adventure with snow on the ground.

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rhonda said...

You're going to feel very homesick (in reverse) when you get back. I always feel a bit nostalgic when I look at those photos taken out of your back window and I was only there for a short time. Getting close now!!!