Saturday, January 15

The final flight

Garry and I are sitting in the Qantas lounge at Auckland airport. After exactly five weeks on the road we're preparing to board the final flight on our leisurely journey back to Australia. In a few hours from now we'll begin our new (or is that old ?) life in Australia. It's been five years, three months and nine days since we departed Sydney in 2005 to embark on our grand European adventure. It's hard to believe that another chapter in our lives is drawing to a close.

We've capped off our eventful journey home with three gloriously relaxing days at my parent's beachside home. The weather has been glorious with blue skies and sunshine every day. We've also made a daily pilgrimage down to the beach to soak our feet in the surf and watch majestic waves rolling in one after the other.

We even took advantage of our jet-lag early one morning rising in time to watch the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean. It was a magic experience and perhaps the ideal way to draw a metaphorical line under our time in London. A new adventure is dawning. Stay tuned for mor updates as we work to settle back into Australian life.

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• Location: Puhinui Rd,Auckland Airport,New Zealand

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