Sunday, January 16

Shipping, shopping and settling in

We’re finally back in Sydney. Initial preparations for setting up home again are already underway. We already know the container holding our household effects and Saab is scheduled to dock in Sydney on January 23. It’ll then take up to six weeks to clear quarantine and customs. We googled the location of the ship carrying our worldly processions last week and discovered that it was due to dock in Freemantle, West Australia on January 15; the same day we arrived back in Australia ourselves.

Until our household effects clears customs we’ll been camped out in a serviced apartment literally across the road from our own property. This should make it reasonably easy to complete final preparations for moving back in. Garry has already taken it upon himself to repaint the entire apartment when our tenants vacate on January 25. The current paintwork is at least nine years old now so a touch up is well overdue.

We also have several appliances and numerous minor items to purchase as part of our relocation. The shopping list includes a new washing machine and some outdoor furniture for our expansive main balcony. Of course we also have the joy of sorting out phone lines, cable television and all manner of regular household utilities. Garry plans to manage most of these chores in between job interviews. With a little luck we should be settled back in our own home by mid-February. At this point I’m sure if I’ll continue maintaining the blog as its original purpose will have well and truly ended. Dear readers, what do you think?


martinheriot said...

Hi Boys Glad you are safe back and not to far off from being back in your own place. Well looking at your pics i can see you have ahd VERY bad weather lol! Hmm. London is the same grey all weekend. Def will push so able for Jonny and i to spend at least 6 months of each year in LA/or OZ. Light and warmth outway the diverse Europe. I am going to open up TVBox Productions in OZ like did in the US as takes time and you never know when you might need it etc Big Kiss Martin

Michele said...

I say keep the blog going. How else can I keep up with what you're doing???

Bev said...

I am sure there could be some interesting blogs as you both settle back into Aus