Wednesday, March 2

250 boxes are on their way

We heard yesterday that Customs and Quarintine have inspected and released our household effects without incident. Tomorrow the removal company will finally deliver our worldly goods to the apartment. No doubt the next couple of days will fly by in blur of cardboard and bubble wrap. We had more than 250 separate boxes and furniture items removed from the house in London. Three months later I can barely remember half of what was packed. Stay tuned for an update on this final phase of our relocation.


rhonda said...

Hope that painting's all finished!!!
It'll be like Christmas undoing all those boxes. Have fun.

Bev said...

I bet you wonder why you have sent a lot of it back to Sydney as you go through the boxes.

Enjoy - it can be quite fun until the last few boxes when it becomes harder to find a home for the bits. Garry will have a wonderful time organising his big pantry