Sunday, May 22

Seven flights; 38,000 kilometres; 12 time zones

I've just returned from three weeks on the road for business.  My travels have taken me to San Francisco, New York and Hong Kong; with a few quirky side-trips along the way.  In the days ahead I'll share four posts on the following topics; check back regularly for new links as they're activated:
For this trip I took advantage of the OneWorld Alliance's Circle Pacific fare.  As a result, I found myself flying Qantas to the USA, American Airlines to New York and then on to Hong Kong courtesy of Japan Airlines and Cathy Pacific. I can safely say that Japan Airlines has the best premium economy cabin, second only to that offered by Virgin Atlantic.  However, it was Qantas that pleasantly surprised me on both legs I flew with the airline.

First, en route to San Francisco, I found myself assigned a flat-bed seat despite travelling on a premium economy ticket.  Earlier this year the airline stopped providing a First Class cabin on this route.  However, the original seats remain in place.  As a result, some business class passengers find themselves notionally upgraded to these seats, which means that some Premium Economy passengers are assigned business class seats.  Hooray! 

Furthermore, the inflight entertainment system went on the fritz during the flight.  I wasn't too annoyed as I had a couple of magazines I wanted to read and was keen for a good night's sleep across the Pacific.  However, upon arriving home I discovered a $350 travel voucher from Qantas sitting in my mail pile apologising for the inconvenience.  That'll be a weekend away for Garry and I courtesy of Qantas.

Finally, was able to cash in some points for a business class upgrade out of Hong Kong and thus secured another flat-bed seat back home.  Even after accounting for these points I've still earned more this trip than I ultimately cashed in. Perhaps there is an upside to flying more than 38,00o kilometres in less than 20 days.

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