Friday, June 24

Sealing the deal

We purchased our Sydney apartment more than seven years ago.  At the time we were aware of several water leaks that had plagued its early years.  Over the years numerous repairs have progressively resolved each leak, with one exception. Despite several attempts nobody has found the source of a persistent leak that appeared during unusually heavy rain. That is, until now.

Earlier this year, the building's Body Corporate finally agreed to undertake a series of extensive leak tests. Specialists were called in to spend the day dousing our external walls in a curtain of water. Two separate leak sites were subsequently identified. Everyone's confident that the source of the problem has finally been found.

As a result, this week we've been woken to the sound of builders hammering away outside.  Brick by brick a series of faulty water seals are being removed and replaced by new, modified alternatives. By the time they've finished we'll be ready to take on Noah's flood without so much as damp patch to show for it. 

The repairs are an impressive affair.  A temporary hanging scaffold platform has been swung from the roof of our building, giving the builders access to the entire outer wall.  We've watched them chiseling away as their platform gently sways seven vertigo-inducing floors above the courtyard below.

However, their good works got off to a bad start.  Garry returned from a job interview earlier in the week to find that the glass skylight in our bathroom had been broken by a careless scaffold labourer.  We've now got a second repair to endure before our home is finally waterproof.  We've waited seven years for these repairs, what's another month?

UPDATE:  September 7, 2012
It's been more than a year since our leaks were repaired.  I'm pleased to report we've absolutely no water penetration problems since despite Sydney recording one of its wettest Summer's on record in the months that followed. Our home is water-tight and we're loving it! 

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