Sunday, July 10

Winter takes its toll

We’ve enjoyed another weekend of blue skies sunshine. However, temperatures struggled to rise above 16°C today, unlike last weekend when the high hit 21°C. With sunshine almost every day for the last two weeks even my daily walk to work has been rather pleasant. In fact, I felt uncomfortably warm at least one morning while simply wearing a leather jacket. The sunshine is forecast to continue until mid-week with highs reaching 18°C.

We’ve put the sunshine to good use potting around on our main balcony making minor repairs outstanding since our return. This included tying down irrigation pipes, repairing the outdoor lighting and staining an old teak bench. Today’s endeavours saw us applying a coat of marine varnish to the bench before the sun slipped behind nearby building.

Earlier in the week wind warning were in effect for much of the region. Despite our apartment’s location we only saw the odd gust from our balcony. However, the hills surrounding Sydney were hit hard. In the Blue Mountains west of Sydney trees were blown across rail tracks. One tree even struck a passing train. Nobody was injured. We later heard that winds had been gusting up to 70 km/h during the day.

On Wednesday morning I also witnessed a tree being toppled while working to work. My attention was initially drawn by a loud crack barely 50 metres ahead. I glanced up in response and was stunned to see a spindly pine tree gracefully descend across the pavement in a shower of needles. As I watched it slowly came to rest on the back of a parked car. Again, nobody was harmed while I was left to marvel how I'd found myself in the right place at the right time to witness such a rare event.

Trees aren’t the only things coming to grief at the moment. In the last few weeks we’ve had three appliances fail. First, our Italian coffee machine broke after seven years of faithful service. Second, our iron began blowing fuses around the house. Then finally, our new toaster’s release mechanism stopped working. Winter is clearly taking it toll.

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Bev said...

It must have been an interesting site to see you walk to work in only a leather jacket!