Monday, September 12

Party in the house tonight

It's been a while between posts. I guess you could say it's a sign of the times as our lives return to normal in Australia. I've also been unable to share news of efforts that have taken up much of our time in recent weeks; for good reason. Garry and I have been focused on preparations for a surprise party celebrating his father's 70th birthday. Last Saturday we hosted 19 people for dinner in our apartment; seating everyone at a five-metre long dining table.

It took weeks to prepare the table alone. We we had to create custom joinery to link our existing dining table and outdoor tables, source matching linen for an extended table setting and create appropriately themed table displays. Highlights included helium balloon sculptures at either end of the table, two golden "70" numeral stands we created from cardboard craft pieces and a forest of matching glassware. We even found a store selling quality cotton napkins manufactured in handy dispensing rolls. Should the mood grab us we now have everything we'll ever need to recreate a five-metre banquet table in future.

However our efforts weren't in vain. The final result looked spectacular. Unfortunately in our haste to get ready for our guest's arrival on Saturday we forgot to take any photos. Several guests did so I'm sure we'll have images to share in due course. The evening went well and the praise from those present has been flattering.

Everyone enjoyed the food, the company and the celebration theme we'd created. Garry ordered a special "70" shaped cake and luxurious mini-desserts from a local patisserie, while I'd bought crusty artisan bread and a selection of French champagne. Dinner included a groaning cheese board, super fresh produce from the Sydney Fish Markets, a variety of spectacular salads and a couple of tasty roasts. However the highlight of the night seemed to be our choice of wine. The Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc kept disappearing as swiftly as the ice bucket was filled.

Happy 70th Murray!

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