Tuesday, September 18

Hello Toronto!

Not a lot to report this evening. Today was largely devoted to travel.  The day began with an airport transfer from Banff to Calgary where we caught a flight to Toronto. The drive to Calgary gave us a final glimpse of the Rocky Mountains that you can see in the photo posted here. It was spectacular farewell before the broad, dry plains of the midwest opened up before us.

We caught a brief glimpse of Winter Olympic Games facilities on the outskirts of Calgary before eventually reaching the airport. As we checked-in we were advised that our flight was oversold and we'd been placed on stand-by. However I successfully paraded my weary father in front of the gate staff and soon had confirmed seats secured on our preferred flight.

Four hours later we found ourselves safely on the ground in Toronto just as the sun began to set. I've hired a car to get us around which initially seemed a rather bold move as we struggled to find our way out of the airport and on to the correct freeway.

We made at least one unnecessary loop of the airport before finaly heading in the right direction. However, Dad kindly thought I'd flawlessly navigated my way to our hotel and so my record as a tour guide remains intact.

The evening ended on a high note when when we learnt that the hotel had upgraded our rooms to those with a view of Lake Ontario. Dad also thought the tomato soup he ordered at dinner was simply divine, resulting in the broadest smile so far this trip.

Tomorrow we're off to see the spectacular (and recently refurbished) dinosaur gallery at the Royal Ontario Museum before making our way up the CN Tower to take in the view. Tomorrow evening's entertainment will then be provided by the famous Cirque de Soliel.

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