Thursday, September 20

Niagara Falls

No guessing where we've been today! Mum and Dad have had a fabulous day at Niagara Falls. The weather has been superb after yesterday's damp conditions. As a result it was almost impossible to take a bad photo.

We started our tour at the Canadian Horseshoe Falls where you can literally stand at the lip of the falls and watch millions of litres drop more than 50 metres into the gorge below. Dad simply couldn't get over the fact that he could stand so close to the edge of such staggering power and beauty.

We then caught the Maid of the Mist boat to the base of the falls. It's an awesome experience as the spray soaks you and the falls thunder ominously overhead. Mum and Dad loved every moment of it.

We then capped off our day with a leisurely late lunch in the Skylon revolving restaurant. There's nothing like smoked baby back pork ribs and a glass of wine as Niagara Falls glides past your window. Just ask my Mum!

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