Thursday, September 12

Train spotting at the Sheraton

The Hiroshima Sheraton hotel is located conveniently next to city's railway station.  This made it easy for Mum and I to find the hotel when our train arrrived shortly before 9pm.  We'd caught the shinkansen from Osaka 2.5 hours earlier so the short commute to its front door was very welcome. 

As luck would have it, the hotel upgraded us to a corner room, on high floor, overlooking the station.  I'd picked up a shinkansen timetable earlier in the day. As result we had the means at our finger tips to predict every high-speed arrival and departure from the station below. Mum and I decided to enjoy a little train-spotting before bed.

We pulled back the curtains and spent the next 45 minutes watching Shinkansen trains come and go like clock work. We can confidently report that the trains really do run on time in Japan.

Sometime it's the smallest things that make a vacation special.

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