Tuesday, October 22

Gyrate expectations

Ricky Martin burst onto the global music scene in February 1999.  He performed live on television at the 41st Grammy Awards. His energy and rhythm stunned the crowd, earning him a long and loud standing ovation.  In the years since Ricky has sold more than 70 million albums, including 95 platinum records, 6 #1 Billboard albums and 11 Number 1 hit songs.

My parents and I saw Ricky perform live on Broadway in September last year. At the time he was playing the role of Ché in Evita.  His performance was solid but not exactly breath-taking.  However, the audience gave him a rousing ovation which left me feeling rather sorry for the actress who’d played the production’s namesake role.

Earlier this year Ricky signed on as a judge for a local version of The Voice reality television show.  He was instantly popular with the Australian public. It was therefore no surprise when he announced plans for a national nine-date concert tour. Garry and I fell for the bait.  We attended his is second sellout Sydney concert at Olympic Park on Saturday.

We had a great night out despite a nightmare 90-minute commute into a Homebush parking lot.  The concert sound stage included an impressive floor to ceiling video wall and plenty of agile dancers.  However, I’d have to say that Ricky’s showing his age.  His signature swiveling hips looked stiff and often out of sync.  Gone were the astonishing gyrations that captured the imagination of a global Grammy audience. It seems that none of us stay young forever.

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