Saturday, October 12

The smuggler's curse

I'm guilty as charged.  Last month I failed to declare four jars of Marmite as we came through customs at Sydney airport.  It was an honest mistake.  I'd forgotten that Garry and I had made a last minute purchase in Auckland.  As luck would have it our luggage wasn't searched. 

However, it was one heck of shock to discover the hidden booty as I opened my suitcase. Television reality shows are forever broadcasting stories of reckless passengers who fail to declare food products at the airport.  These omissions can result in an on-the-spot fine of $340; which is considerly more than the shelf price of my four Marmite jars.

In recent months, I'd grown dispondent that Sanitarium Marmite would never reappear on Australian shelves.  Week after week I'd diligently check our local supermarket for a delivery. The shelf remained resolutely empty.  Production of this breakfast elixir restarted more than six months ago in New Zealand.  You'd think that was plenty of time to restock Kiwi shelves and send a few boxes across the Tasman.

It was therefore somewhat ironic when Marmite reappeared on local shelves the day after our return from New Zealand.  Garry had a little chuckle when he spotted the jars in stock.  We'd driven out of our way to collect our Auckland stash and here they were in Sydney less than 48 hours later.  Smuggling clearly doesn't pay.

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Viv Holt said...

I smuggled a jar in just last week! My local shops here in Wagga Wagga haven't yet caught up with Sydney, and we don't have it here yet. Could be years away!