Sunday, November 24

Waveboard weekend

My brother’s built a new house. His family moved in three weeks ago. They now live a new, booming sub-division at Papamoa, 12km south of Tauranga. Last week I was in Wellington on business. I took advantage of the relative proximity to fly north for the weekend.

I couldn’t have picked a better time to visit family. While Sydney was inundated by cold, wet and windy weather, both Wellington and the Bay of Plenty were enjoying gentle winds and lots of sunshine. While in Tauranga I enjoyed a walk around the base of Mount Maunganui and a BBQ at my brother’s new digs.

My nieces also took great delight in teaching me to wave board. In fact, I showed my age by professing complete ignorance as what a wave board was. I’ve certainly seen them around but had no idea what they were called. For the record, they’re a type of skateboard with a single wheel mounted front and back on a deck with a central pivot. Rhythmically wiggling the around its pivot deck propels the rider forward while maintaining their balance. It’s a lot like rollerblading while standing on one leg.

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