Saturday, January 11

Freycinet reflections

Garry and I are still reliving memories of our truly sublime Christmas at Saffire Freycinet, in Coles Bay.  Our two nights/three days at this resort were a genuine highlight from our Tasmanian road trip.  Everything was simply perfect.  The view. The weather. The service. The food.  The wine.  The room.  It was all perfect.  Basically the entire package just blew us away.

The photo you see here was taken on Christmas morning.  We're suited up in our waders really to wander into the bay and enjoy freshly shucked oysters plucked from the water. Behind us are the stunning Hazards, a small range of hills that frame the eastern shore of Coles Bay.

By the time we returned our hire car last Sunday evening we'd clocked up an incredible 3,966 kms over 16 days.  I was momentarily tempted to drive around the block a few time just to hit the magic 4,000 mark.

The car's trip meter also kept track of how long we'd been driving.  The total time was an astonishing 61 hours.  We certainly didn't feel like we were living in our car.  Our itinerary seemed well paced with several relaxing sojourns along the way, including Saffire.

Happy New Year!

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