Friday, January 17

The world's coldest heat wave

Melbourne has been in the grips of a heat wave for the last three days. I flew into the city for business on Wednesday morning, landing shortly before 8:30am. As I left the airport the thermometer had already hit 35C. It subsequently peaked mid-afternoon at 43C.

Temperatures on Thursday's reached 44C, while today's high was a modest 42C. Yesterday, the heat was so punishing that play was suspended for several hours at the Australian Open. Officials called for the unprecedented halt after tennis players and ball boys began dropping like flies.

It's therefore somewhat ironic that I found myself wearing a long sleeve shirt in the office today. Yesterday, while wearing a short-sleeve shirt the occasional cold shiver had run down my back. It seems that building management responded to the soaring temperatures by cranking up the air-conditioning to near-Arctic conditions.

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