Monday, September 1

In the (time) zone

Garry and I finally landed in Rapid City, South Dakota. It's taken four flights, across eight time zones to get here. Our "day" began with a 7:05am flight to Brisbane where we caught our trans-Pacific leg to Los Angeles. From here we flew to Denver, stopping for a few hours to enjoy lunch at the airport, before finally catching our transfer to Rapid City.

It's been a long and weary day. However, Garry and I have devised a clever way to combat jet lag. Over the years we've developed quite a tradition with our USA road trips. We start our journey with a trip to the local Walmart Superstore to stock up on picnic supplies. These stores are a cross between an enormous supermarket and variety discount store; all conveniently rolled into one giant building.

This evening we spent almost two hours buying a dirt cheap eskie and filling it with cold drinks, sliced meats, salad and fruit. We also grabbed a cheap picnic set, travel rug and a few other knick-knacks at ridiculously low prices. Several years ago we worked out that for the price of a couple of decent meals we could stock up with everything we'd need for a fortnight of picnic adventures.

Tomorrow we're off to explore the Black Hills of Dakota, including the famous presidential facade of Mount Rushmore. Temperatures are predicted to be in the mid-20s with a late afternoon thunderstorm. It should be perfect weather for a day enjoying the great outdoors.  Hertz has also come to the party. We've been upgraded to an enormous, leather-clad SUV which should make light work of the 1500kms ahead

Stay tuned for more updates in the days ahead.

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Rapid City, South Dakota, USA

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