Saturday, April 14

Back in the Mount

Garry and I recently appointed a part-time office manager. Sue is proving to be a godsend. As she's come up to speed we've suddenly found ourselves with time to spare at the weekend - and even better - greater flexibility to take time off or plan a vacation.

I took advantage of this change in the business to fly back to New Zealand for Easter. Sue's appointment meant that I could fly on dates with cheaper airfares and not worry about leaving Garry to fend for himself in the office.

The Mount put on a spectacular display of warm weather. Mum and I took advantage of this one afternoon with a leisurely walk around the Mount. We also walked out to the headlands of Moturiki Island, a small island located off Mount Maunganui's main beach. The island has gone through several transforms since the first humans arrived.

It began life as a Maori Pa. European settlers then opened a quarry on its western flank before the abandoned pit was transformed into a small marine park housing penguins, seals and dolphins. I recall spending many fun afternoons here as a child watching the animals perform tricks for an appreciative audience. Today, Marineland is gone and the area has been restored as a nature reserve with bush walks and grassy picnic spots.

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