Saturday, August 22

Winter BBQ

It's Summer in London. Last Sunday the temperature hit a comfortable shirt sleeve high of 25C. It's Winter in Sydney. Last Sunday the temperature hit a comfortable shirt sleeve high of 25C, although some coastal areas reached a high of 28C. Given such perfect weather it seemed natural to organise a BBQ lunch for family and friends while we're visiting Australia. As you do in Winter, we spent an entire afternoon sitting outdoors, cooking meat on the BBQ, drinking wine and watching the kids play cricket. Most were in short sleeves and some in shorts.

In the week since, almost every day has dawned sunny and warm in Sydney, with bright blue sky stretching from horizon to horizon. Yesterday, Sydney's temperature peaked at 26C, while London reached 21C. I even rose at 6am yesterday morning for a relaxing 90-minute stroll around Grand Drive, the ring road encircling Centennial Park. With the exception of a mid-week high of 28C in London, Sydney's daily temperature has been within a few degrees of London for much of the week. Should anyone ever ask why I have no plans to retire in the UK, let them simply read this post.

Finally, this post wouldn't be complete without mentioning a few names. During last weekend's BBQ, friends complained bitterly that they weren't starring frequently enough on this blog. So this final paragraph is dedicated to; Chris, Keri, Danny and Ag. It was wonderful to see you and the kids again. Our stopovers in Sydney seem all too short (and Ag you make the world's most delicious Potato Bake). A special mention to Nicole and Jason as well. I'm sure they'll be commenting if they go unnamed. It was wonderful to see you and the kids too.


bev said...

Life down under has quite a few compensations. All the people on the top of the world should come down and try! We will be happy to see you

keri said...

Andrew your a champion and stuck to your word. Wow we're all famous now. We had a great time catching up with you guys as always. Had a nice dinner with Garry on Wednesday night and then it was goodbye. Always seems like you are only here for five minutes. Take care. Love Keri