Tuesday, December 1

Approaching zero

The Met Office is forecasting an overnight temperature of 0°C in London tonight. On a more positive note the skies have cleared after serveral days of wet, stormy weather. However, we're being told to expect more rain tomorrow evening, on the back of more than 24mm of rain over the weekend. The Met Office says this month will go down in history books as the UK's 5th wettest November on record.

History will also record that November 20, 2009 witnessed the nation's heaviest ever rainfall. On this day the Lake District endured a staggering 314.4 millimeter (12.3 inches) of rain over a 24-hour period. Unsurprisingly, many towns in the area were affected by severe flooding, with hundreds trapped in their homes and at least one person killed.

UPDATE - December 5
The Met Office has officially declared November as the nation's wettest month on record.

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