Wednesday, December 30

Seen it, ate it

We took a 2.5 hour safari drive through the Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve today. Covering 2200 hectares, it bills itself as the biggest reserve in the Southern Cape region. We were told that more than a hundred wildlife species roam freely on the reserve's grassland including lions, rhinos, giraffes, wilderbeast and zebras. We managed to see many of them today, along with a host of young animals, some less than a month old.

At the end of the tour Garry and I began comparing notes on which native animals we'd eaten since arriving in South Africa. The list is already rather impressive. We've sampled Kudu (a large antelope) and Zebra in Capetown, Ostrich in our burgers and smoked Springbok capaccio was last night's delicious starter. We noted that, on previous occasions, we've also sampled crocodile, wilderbeast and buffalo.

Our guide was surprised to hear we'd sampled Zebra, as he'd never had it despite living in South Africa his entire life. I must admit I was equally surprised to see it on the menu last week and thus couldn't resist an opportunity to try it. The meat was very lean, tender and incredibly tasty. I'm definitely a zebra connoisseur.

Oh yes - and before I forget - this morning we saw another pod of dolphins gliding along the edge of the surf zone as we ate breakfast. It was a marvelous sight to watch four majestic marine mammals make their way down the coast. One even stopped to body surf a couple of waves much our our collective delight. Readers can rest assured we won't be eating them.

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